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Bank holiday opening hours!

Exciting news!

Come on down to Darkplace Brewery this weekend, the tap room and bottle shop will be open on Saturday and Monday.

It’s not quite the taproom we do have planned, but we’ll be opening some bottles and you can come and chat to us about the brewery, the beers and what the future may hold for Darkplace.

We are opening from 12 until 6 on Saturday and 10 until 4 on Monday.

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#020201? #040201? About the numbers…

#020201? #040201? About the code...

Part of what we do is produce small-batch one-offs as "Trial Brews" featuring our mad as yet, unnamed, zymologist*:

We wanted an easy way to keep track of these trial brews in our records and we were always aware that we needed to keep notes on each batch of even the core beers, so we came up with our numbering system.

The first two digits refer to the style of beer, in order of brewing:

So far:
01: pale ale
02: belgian
03: IPA
04: porter
05: mild

The second two digits refer to the recipe used. For example, Asylum pale ale is #0101.. while the Grizzly pale is #0102.. The next pale ale we produce will be #0103.. etc.

The last two digits are the brew number.

Taken together, they can form an RGB colour code, if you are so inclined. I had this idea of a New Order colour code kind of identification for each individual beer; however, making them both practical and produce a whole variety of colours was a deeper exercise than I was prepared to undergo at the time and so now they have Henry Ford levels of variety if you code them into graphical software.

I guess that will change when we approach 255 different styles, recipes or batches...
*That's someone who studies the science of fermentation